RECYCLE and RENEW Your Jewellery with I. M. Wyred

Do you have some necklaces or bracelets you never wear? Whether you just do not have the heart to throw out or you love the colours but it is out-of-date and needs a makeover. I. M. Wyred can help recreate new pieces of jewellery for you.

My friend had asked me to take the fresh water pearls from her beloved necklace. She loved the pearls from this necklace by found that she never wore it. It had been in her jewellery box for seven years because it was out of date. This is the before picture, when I was taking the necklace apart.


This is a picture of the finished products … I was able to restring the pearls along with some crystals onto a silver wire and knit them into a arm cuff and earrings. If you are interested, I can do the same for you, contact me at:



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